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We want our products to be key components in your research.


The products and services we provide are high-quality and goal-oriented, designed to let you explore the genotype-phenotype link through a variety of analyses and displays. We pay special attention to the visual representation of data because we believe this is tightly linked to how quickly and effectively a human interacts with and understands information. Our graphical presentations reduce complex data relationships to easy-to-comprehend displays. The flexibility of the software and its visually rich interface encourage creative thinking and allow each user to explore information in their own fashion.

Our products are thoroughly tested and continually enhanced, and great care is taken to incorporate feedback from users. We want our products to be key components in your research, and that means they have to be reliable and keep pace with your needs.

The software runs on top of a variety of relational database management systems. Our open database designs incorporate related types of information so that relevant data is in one place and easily accessible. The extensive visualization, the ability to overlay and filter information, and the insight provided by multiple perspectives all combine to make our solutions comprehensive and powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use.

GENEFLOW® draws on pedigree, genotype and phenotype information and provides an extensive set of features for analyzing genetic and phenotypic diversity, allowing you to be more effective when manipulating a trait, or designing an appropriate therapy.

QTLocateTM is a unique data service that delivers expert annotation of valuable public research on genetic and QTL mapping. QTLocateTM makes it easy to utilize this wealth of knowledge and greatly enhances the value of your own research.

PHENOMAPTM manages mapping and quantitative trait information, enabling you to perform powerful comparisons both within and across species. Aligning results across studies is now an easy task.


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