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Understanding how genes and environment interact to produce phenotype is a complex challenge. GENEFLOW® gives you a clear picture of the nature and structure of genetic diversity, and helps you determine how best to apply this knowledge to meet your goals.

The system integrates pedigree, genotype and phenotype data - information traditionally kept in separate databases but which gains considerable value and power by being linked together. This allows you to study the inheritance of a trait, explore the relationship between genetic makeup and observed phenotype, look for genetic components associated with a trait, track genetic fingerprints for a set of individuals, identify ancestors that are the likely source of a gene or trait, and much more, all from a single platform. The graphically-rich interface provides functions and displays that accommodate many different user groups.

Below is a quick overview of the primary components of the system:

Pedigree module

Uses a pedigree-based display and supports the overlay and analysis of genetic and phenotypic data within the context of known family relationships.

Genotype module

Provides a detailed, chromosome-level view of the genetic content and organization of various individuals. Patterns of inheritance and of similarity and difference are immediately identifiable.

Population module

Analyzes structured populations, ranking the progeny and producing a detailed report and display. You quickly decide which progeny to select and which markers to track, making the selection process much more efficient.

Report module

Generate a large number of key reports and graphs from this indispensible component. Many of the reports integrate genotype and phenotype data, shedding light on the structure of genetic diversity, and the relationship between genes and traits.


Serves as a holding area for subsets of accessions, markers and traits, providing powerful filtering capabilities. Analyses can be run using the entire database or just a subset, allowing you to target queries and compare results between different segments of data.

Germplasm Security module (optional)

Protects the time and money you've invested in developing proprietary materials by detecting and displaying patterns of containment of one genotype within another.

Multiplex module (optional)

Automates the complex and time-consuming task of determining the most efficient way to multiplex a set of markers. Kits can be customized, edited and displayed graphically.

GENEFLOW® is available in both Desktop and Enterprise versions.


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